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Safari SoftWash: Cleaning for a Better Tomorrow, Today

Safari SoftWash was established in 2017 by Nathan Havill. We believe in providing an exceptional customer experience and a clean you can trust. Our cleaning system uses advanced technology and safe chemistry to clean all surfaces with NO damage and NO negative impact to the environment.

Stains, algae, black streaks, mold, and other organic infections are not only unsightly. They also damage the surface of your roof, siding, brick, concrete, and wood. Let us restore your residential or commercial property to its best, cleanest state. From the top of your roof, all the way to your curb, we can clean and sanitize all your home’s exterior surfaces.

Rest easy – knowing we’ve got you covered!


Roof Cleaning


Stain Removal


Siding & Exterior Surfaces


Brick Cleaning


Decks & Porches


Screened Enclosures






Concrete, Pavers & Stone




Wood or Composite


Specialty Stain Removal

Restore your home and business to its original charm with Safari SoftWash, the environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pressure washing!

Why should I choose soft washing over regular power washing?

Pressure or power washing typically fails to get rid of the mold, mildew and bacteria that creates the unattractive build up on the various surfaces around your property.

Regular power washing doesn’t deal with the root of the issue, and will soon leave your surfaces vulnerable again. The SoftWash System utilized by Safari Softwash is an eco-friendly chemical cleaning treatment that uses low pressure and modern technology to safely treat and clean your surfaces without harmful abrasion.


Save Time


Gentle Softwash


Best Cleaning


Save Money


All of SoftWash Systems cleaners breakdown into carbon and water within 20 days of their introduction into the environment.


All of SoftWash Systems cleaners are water based and contain no solvents or phosphates.


SoftWash Systems cleaning process and chemicals conform to the California Air Quality Management District standard.


All of SoftWash Systems cleaners ship non-hazardous and require no special handling or storage precautions.


SoftWash Systems strives to follow the theology of using as little fossil fuel based energy as possible.

Safari SoftWash | Pressure Washing | Roof & Exterior Cleaning | Williamsburg, Yorktown, Toano, Suffolk, Chesapeake

What our customers are saying:

SWS 5 Stars

Safari is the pinnacle of quality and expertise. I will use them again and again. Nathan gave us a fantastic experience!

No more green haze! My house and deck look fabulous. I am a repeat customer and highly recommend Nate.

Excellent! Did a great job cleaning a badly stained barn and deck. I will be calling them again!

Great service, great value! They provided pictures of the work to boot! Definitely recommended to others. Solid professional and courteous service team!

These guys were fantastic. I spoke with 3 outfits in determining who to use to wash our house. These were the only one of three interviewed who used a more eco-friendly cleaning solution. We're all satisfied and will use them again!

Excellent performance. The crew showed up as scheduled and did a great job of cleaning the roof, skylights, and wood siding. It all looks fantastic and I would highly recommend Safari to others!

The crew was well-mannered and took care in protecting our plants and shrubbery. Good, long-lasting value for our roof and siding!

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