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Your home is your castle. Over the years, your home and subsidiary areas on your property can accumulate rust, dirt, algae and grime. In addition to being unsightly, it can also hold allergens and mold which can be harmful to your health.

At Safari SoftWash we use the best in environmentally friendly soft-washing solutions, and have the expertise to give your home an amazing clean.


Too much collected dirt could possibly obstruct sunlight and lower efficiency.

Enhance the performance of your solar panels by getting rid of dust and other particles with routine cleaning.


Timber, concrete and composite patio and deck areas will inevitably begin to accumulate dirt, crud, algae, and mold over time.

Wash away the build-up and get your patio or deck looking great again.


Whether your driveway is concrete, brick, exposed aggregate or rock, it is still prone to black or green mold, mildew and dirt.

Regular cleaning is the best way to enhance your driveway and give your property great curb appeal!


Sunlight exposure and climate conditions take a toll on your fencing.

Bring it back to its initial splendor with our specialized cleaning procedure which works with all types of fences consisting of wood, vinyl, brick or synthetic.


Windows are a great entry point for allergens, mold and mildew. Let us clean the rain spots, dust and dirt so you can take pleasure in clean and clear windows. Whether home or business, we can take care of them all. Single or multi-story buildings and skylights.


Screen enclosures enable you to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about insects or other pests entering.

Bring your screen enclosure back to its peak performance and appearance with our gentle and safe cleaning method.


Clogged and dirty gutters are a top source of roof and foundation damage to your home.

Clean gutters will help ensure that the excess water is carried away from your home, and therefore avoiding potential costly damage to the foundations.


Let us gently softwash the recreational surfaces around your property, whether a pool surround, a concrete pool, basketball court or tennis court.

We work with residential and commercial businesses on a wide variety of projects.


Awnings and deck shades are susceptible to collecting dust, micro-organisms and algae due to their environment and climate exposure.

We can gently clean and revitalize your awning whether vinyl, fabric, metal or plastic.

Call us for a competitive quote on all your exterior cleaning projects!

Why should I choose soft washing over regular power washing?

Pressure or power washing typically fails to get rid of the mold, mildew and bacteria that creates the unattractive build up on the various surfaces around your property.

Regular power washing doesn’t deal with the root of the issue, and will soon leave your surfaces vulnerable again. The SoftWash System utilized by Safari SoftWash is an eco-friendly chemical cleaning treatment that uses low pressure and modern technology to safely treat and clean your surfaces without harmful abrasion.


Save Time


Gentle SoftWash


Best Cleaning


Save Money


All of SoftWash Systems cleaners breakdown into carbon and water within 20 days of their introduction into the environment.


All of SoftWash Systems cleaners are water based and contain no solvents or phosphates.


SoftWash Systems cleaning process and chemicals conform to the California Air Quality Management District standard.


All of SoftWash Systems cleaners ship non-hazardous and require no special handling or storage precautions.


SoftWash Systems strives to follow the theology of using as little fossil fuel based energy as possible.

With our exclusive soft washing method you don’t have to stress over water waste, disruptive sounds, surface damage and the high non-renewable fuel use related to regular pressure or power washing.

Safari SoftWash guarantees fantastic results and a 99.9% success rate!

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