This was our first time using Safari Softwash, and we will definitely use them again. We were very pleased with the results on our siding, roof, paver driveway, and deck. An excellent value for a job really well done.
- Kathy W.

I selected Safari Softwash to soft wash our roof, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Nathan showed up with his team to wash my roof, and they took great care to make sure it was clean and presentable. They also took great care to clean up after themselves. They even came back to clean up some overspray, the windows, and give the roof an additional treatment. Our home looks like a different home! WOW! Nathan, you have a customer for life!
- Tim J.

Awesome job! Nathan power washed our house with special attention to the eaves and washed our windows as well. Everything looks really good….and the plants are safe. Definitely will call them back next year to take care of the pollen. Thank you.

- Lisette M.

Excellent! Did a great job cleaning a badly stained barn and deck. Will be calling them again!

- Karen J.

Safari Softwash is the pinnacle of quality and expertise. I will use them again and again. Nathan gave us a fantastic experience!

- Adam H.

Before, our house would need to be power washed twice a year. Last year, we used Safari Softwash and were told that using soft wash would last longer. It did! We didn’t have to have the house washed again for almost a year, and it looks beautiful and bright again. Lesia and Nathan are awesome! Such an easy process from making the appointment to having the work done. Thank you; we’ll be calling again next year.

- Robin B.

Nathan and his team did a fantastic job cleaning our roof and windows. If you’re looking for a business that is professional, on time, and provides good quality and value, then Safari Softwash is the answer.
- Santina R.

Great service, great value, and pictures of the work to boot! Definitely recommended to others. Solid professional and courteous service team!!
- Sean D.

They did a great job, and the house looks great.

- Bill S.

These guys were fantastic. I spoke with 3 outfits in determining who to use to wash our house. These were the only one of three interviewed who used a more eco-friendly cleaning solution than bleach (sodium hypochlorite). A number of us in the neighborhood signed them up for a group house wash. They showed up when they said they would, went right to work, and did a great job cleaning all our houses. We’re all satisfied and will use them again.

- Charles O.

Many thanks for the awesome job by Safari Softwash of cleaning and refurbishing our roof! We had a cedar shake roof that was in need of some attention since we bought it in March. Well worth the consultation and would suggest getting your roof and sidings cleaned.

- Dan T.

They did a great job, and the house looks great.

- Bill S.

Nathan did a great job washing our house, windows, walk, and driveway. Couldn’t believe the difference. A quality job and best price for the service we wanted and guarantee re: preserving our landscape.

- Bella M.

Excellent performance. The crew showed up as scheduled and did a great job of cleaning the roof, skylights, and wood siding. It all looks fantastic, and I would highly recommend Safari Softwash to others. The crew was well-mannered and took care in protecting our plants and shrubbery. Good. long-lasting value to our roof and siding.
- Chester K.

It is most important to hire a contractor who’s properly licensed, bonded, insured, and TRUSTWORTHY. People who care what they do, how they do it, what they will do for you, and people with mindset & attitude of “How can I serve you?” Safari Softwash is ALL those and much more. There are just TOO many bad contractors everywhere, priced cheaply, who don’t care anything about your investment. Your property is a great investment and RETURN. People that I pay to clean my property must have that in their mind and attitude because I’m paying to, not only to give me the service, but also to give me a great investment return by helping me to maintain in better condition for best return investment. You can tell a lot by looking at Safari Softwash – a well-invested company with complete truck wrapped with company design, unique and special branding, equipment, biodegradable products they use, everyone dressed in expensive branding uniform, well-groomed, good Southern manners, and company owner and operators with knowledge and experience that they bring to service your properties. WOW … and Safari Softwash will WARRANTY the roof cleaning service with 5 years limited warranty. What other contractors can or will do this? You WILL get what you pay for when you hire some rinky-dinky company with a dirty truck or vehicle, temporary magnet company sign on the door or sticker sign …. these are a simple, yellow warning light that can tell you they are not likely to be around when things go wrong, or they are ready to run if they get caught by the government agencies for violations. You would have wasted & lost your investment, or even worse when you hire untrustworthy contractors. So … How do you value your life and investment? I’m retired law enforcement, and Safari Softwash is my trustworthy contractor.
- Sun O.

No more green haze; house and deck look fabulous. I am a repeat customer and highly recommend Nate.

- Dana L.